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Ronnie James Dio Dies: Rumor or Truth?

It started as an edit to the Wikipedia entry of Ronnie James Dio and then it was twitted and then online media grab a piece of it. The rumor is now all over the internet and cyberspace, "Ronnie James Dio is dead!"

The search trends for Ronnie James Dio and Ronnie James Dio died jumps threefold during the last hours. The fans worldwide of the famous God of Metal was worried about the real status of their idol.

However, Wendy Dio, Ronnie James Dio's wife confirmed that he is safe and is in the hospital. Although he is suffering from stomach cancer his wife said that there is no truth to the rumor that his husband has died.

BLABBERMOUTH.NET contacted her and a message was send at around 11:35PM, PST on Saturday, May 15 / 2:35 a.m. EST on Sunday, May 16: "I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away!!!! He is not doing good, but he is not dead. I will let you know if anything changes. Thank you for your concern."

So for his fans there is nothing to worry about just continue to pray for him so that he will have safe recovery and his pain would ease. "Ronnie James Dio Died" is 100% hoax.

Ronnie James Dio had been part of famous metal bands like Elf, Heaven and Hell, Rainbow and Black Sabbath.

At present he is doing collaboration with former Black Sabbath bandmates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice, under the moniker Heaven & Hell. Their first album, The Devil You Know, was released on April 28, 2009. Heaven and Hell had scheduled a supposed tour and concert last May 4, 2010 but it was cancelled due to Dio's health.

Later today however, Wendy Dio confirmed through that Ronnie James Dio is Dead. Here is our related article on Ronnie James Dio's death.

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