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Kids Getting Shot on Google Maps Becomes Sensational

A photo from Google Maps had become a sensational web search,. The controversial photo dubbed as, "Kids Getting Shot on Google Map" shows a kid holding a gun and pointing it out to another kid to orchestrate the real thing circulated around the web.

At first you would certainly think that it was the real thing. However, upon further scrutiny you will find out that the boy is only holding a toy gun. The photo is taken using Google Maps "Street View".

The sensationalism of the photo placed the photo with the search ketword, "Kids Getting Shot on Google Maps" on the top 10 trends of Google for May 21.

This photo might just be for fun but in another angle a lingering lawsuit and legal issue may soon be hunting Google on its use of Street View. According to the statement of German prosecutors they had launched an investigation into Google after it admitted that they had mistakenly gathered personal data with its Street View mapping service,

Because of this incident, Google halted last weeks its collection of WiFi network information for Street View after admitting it inadvertently gathered personal data sent via unsecured systems.

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