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Internet Cafes Now Offers Employment Opportunities

Looking for a job would not need to be a very time consuming and costly process most especially those who would like to be employed as call center agents. All you need to do right now is just go to your local neighborhood accredited internet café and you could be on your way to a fruitful career in the call center industry. That is the vision of I-Café Pilipinas and Cyber City Teleservices (Phils) Inc, a pioneer in the call center industry in the Philippines, when they signed a Memorandum of Agreement last April 27. 2010 during the “Idea Camp I-Café” program at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

Signing for I-Café Pilipinas, the national advocacy organization of internet café owners and operators in the Philippines is its Chair Mr. Ed Zafra and for Cyber City Teleservices (Phils) Inc is its Recruitment and Admission Head, Ms. Lourdes F. Mendoza. The MOA entails the development of a nationwide network of Call Center Agents Employment Processing Centers using the internet cafes at the community level as access points for those who would like to apply fora position in Cyber City Teleservices.

In her presentation, Ms. Mendoza informed the participants about the constant growth of their company and their increasing need to find the right people for their organization. “CCTP is a pioneer in the call center industry in the Philippines and we strive for excellence in everything that we do. We are not just offering a job but a career in the call center industry” Ms. Mendoza stresses. “We believe that by tapping the internet cafes in the various communities around the country, we would be able to find the best qualified people to cater to our increasing need for highly skilled call center agents” Ms. Mendoza added.

Under the scheme the accredited internet cafes in the different areas around the country would act as processing centers for those who would like to apply for a position of call center agent in CCTP. It would be a big savings in terms of time and money since the initial application process is being done at the accredited internet cafes. An initial screening would be done by the internet café operator based upon the standards that is set by CCTP. If they pass the initial screening, the applicants would be asked to fill up an online application form and would be told to come back for their scheduled online interview with the recruitment officers of CCTP. If the applicant passes the initial interview then he is on his way to be part of CCTP.

“This is a vision of the future of the internet cafes in the Philippines” Mr. Zafra told the participants of the”Idea Camp I-Café”. “It’s the vision of I-Café Pilipinas that the internet café of the future would not only offer entertainment but also opportunities for people in the community to use ICT as a tool to improve their living conditions. With this program we could now provide employment opportunities to people in our community and hopefully they would see the internet café in a different light” Mr. Zafra added. Truly the future seems bright for the internet café operators in the Philippines.

Internet café owners who are interested to join the program please fill up the online application form for accreditation which could be found at:

If you have any more inquiries please feel free to send an email to:

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