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Charlie Christ to run as Independent Senator in Florida

Republican Charlie Christ had formally announced that he will be running as an independent candidate in the November 2 Senatorial Elections in Florida.

Christ had not left GOP but instead decided to run as independent. Determine to won a seat in the senate he left the rigorous primary elections and the risk of having difficulties raising campaign funds.
St. Petersburg Times said that this gives him his only hope at winning the election and free him from the clout of GOP stands on issues. He will also be considered by those who have grown tired of establishment politicians.

Christ has an estimated $6 million on hand from the funds he raised as a Republican candidate and he is expected to retain most of them. His current campaign staff will also be obliged to resign from the campaign but Christ has the option of hiring them for his own campaign.

If Charlie Christ do win in the November 2 elections, this will make him a powerful swing vote in the Senate which is now controlled by the Democrats.

Check here for the complete Q&A: Charlie Crist's independent bid for the U.S. Senate by St. Petersburg Times.

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