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Refrigerator Magnets a hobby on its own

There are various types of hobbies, there are those who collect postcards, stamps, ribbons, toys, anime and many more but do you know that refrigerator magnets is a hobby on its own.

Indeed it is a recognized hobby for there are those that do collect various kinds and sizes of refrigerator magnets from the most simple to the most glaring and captivating.

Refrigerator magnets do come in various designs. There are fruit magnets, character magnets, personalized magnets and more. The most popular magnets though specially here in the Philippines are fruit magnets. You can see in regular homes banana, apple or even mango style magnets.

Magnets of this kind besides being collectibles also serve as post-it or note holders. You can find bills within this magnets like the households electric bill, phone bill and even water bill. Other homes use it to post reminders for other household members or just to put some notes for other members of the family.

Collecting ref magnets is also an enjoyable hobby for it does not only make you a regular collector but there are only very few who does collect them. Most people also does not know that there are a wide array of the kinds of magnets available out there.

So as collector says... Happy collecting and enjoy your hobby!

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