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An Overheated Earth Causing Earthquakes?

During the past few months and until yesterday we had been rocked by several major earthquakes ranging from magnitude 6 to magnitude 8. These had cause devastation from countries such as Haiti, Indonesia and others.

Just last March a magnitude 6.3 earthquake also hit Metro Manila in the Philippines. Luckily there was no major damage. Is the Earth having a spasm? Do we already have an overheated Earth?

Little is know about the effects of extreme temperature to the Earth's core. There was no major study nor issue being discussed. Most of the debate and discussion was about global warming, sea level rise and carbon emissions but what about Earth as a whole.

What is happening might be strikingly similar to what was shown in the movie 2012. As the heat inside the Earth grew so thus the frequency of earthquakes which in the end resulted in a major cataclysmic event.

Are we overheating our planet? Will there be more earthquakes? What can we do?

These are questions that remains to be answered and solutions needs to be addressed.

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