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The Power of Love Amidst Hate

War exists in the world on a daily basis. People are fighting because of many things. It can be about land, about religion or even about petty differences. However even though these exists love is still the most powerful expression on the planet.

Take for example based on this online dating statistics people are in need of love, caring and touch.

Online dating is constantly on the rise and contrary to common belief most online daters are still in need of real love and not of short gratification through cybersex.

However online dating though meaningful still lacks the power of "real" touch and "real" personal communication. The obscurity however is that there are indeed success stories of people who meet online and end up loving each other.

Perhaps the very simple solution to war is to evoke the creative and spirituality in all of us. The basic power that everyone experience pain and suffering in war and that the greatest feeling we could ever experience and give is indeed LOVE.

Afghans deserves love and peace!

Burmese people deserves love and peace!

Hatians deserves love and peace!

Iraquis deserves love and peace!

Muslims desevres love and peace!

Christians deserves love and peace!


Let us live our life each day with love and peace in each of our hearts.

Thanks for reading!

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