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Queen Seondeok Korean Historical Series Storms Philippine TV

The korean drama Queen Seondeok had received high ratings in the Philippines. The same drama finished first on nationwide ratings in Korea onDecember 22, 2009 with 37.7 million viewers.

Queen Seondok is a real life figure and the first ever queen of Silla. Silla is one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea together with Goguryeo and Baekje.

The Filipinos perhaps relate heavily to the hardship of Deokman which is the adaptive name of the queen when she was removed from the palace as a child to protect her life. The struggle of Deokman to give the country back to the people is something which is perhaps present as well in the Philippines today.


Princess Deokman despite overwhelming odds against Lady Mishil and her own fear never succumbed to defeat. Her resilience and wisdom is what made her triumph in the end.

Eventually after her reign Silla will be able to defeat Jumong's Goguryeo and established a Unified Silla.

For now people who can't wait the episodes being shown daily at GMA Channel 7's Telebabad are buying CDs and DVDs containing the complete episodes and eagerly watching every episode.

"Truly we can learn a lot of lessons from the story of Queen Seondeok," says Mei one of the avid fans of the television series.

In an end note I had been thinking when will we create our own historical series on television and be proud of our own heritage?

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