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The Youth 2010 La Salle Presidential Forum

Eight presidential candidates attended the Youth 2010 La Salle Presidential Forum. These candidates were Noynoy Aquino, JC delos Reyes, Richard Gordon, Jamby Madrigal, Nicanor Perlas, Gibo Teodoro, Eddie Villanueva, and Manny Villar.

Tough questions were asked and candidates were put on the spotlight. Manny Villar was grilled on his campaign ad spending and on his C-5 corruption controversy and Gibo Teodoro was grilled on the Ampatuan connection and the GMA aftermath. JC delos Reyes and Bro. Eddie Villanueva were asked about their stand on controversial issues like the reproductive health bill and divorce.

Many Lasallites were impressed with Dick Gordon and his seemingly ways on engaging the audience. However, many says that Gordon's position and policies lacks substance and long term planning.

Nicanor Perlas focuses on long term solutions to the country's problem including the solution on the Philippine OFW culture. Perlas also says that the Philippines needs to develop more labor intensive jobs rather than focusing on short-term jobs like call centers. Perlas also highlights the need for child-centered education which does not forces the child into a specific framework.

Jamby Madrigal's platform was based on "left" leaning platform which includes nationalization and rights for workers as well as breaking neoliberal policies in the Philippines.

The Youth 2010 Presidential Forum format was indeed very good and bring out the best in a candidate. However, let me say that it also prevents someone without any controversy to be highlighted as in the case of Villanueva, Perlas and delos Reyes.

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