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Rico Blanco Tweets "I'm Not the Voice in Gibo Teodoro Ad"

Rico Blanco, a popular songwriter and singer in the Philippines have cried foul when he found out that his song, "Posible" was used in the latest TV Ad of presidential candidate Gibo Teodoro.

In his tweets, Blanco says that he is not the voice in the song and that his voice was apparently faked.

"ok finally saw it. very nice ad. but wow. they even copied my singing/voice. so it cant be that they just werent aware i existed. sakitsaulo (what a headache), tweeted by the singer 9:58 PM Jan 5th.

Yesterday, there were reports that his manager/publisher knows about it but they had failed to inform the singer. However, many are saying that it is a clear attempt to douse the fire and prevent any backlash to Gibo's candidacy.

Logical consideration however indicates that a singer must be asked first before his/her song is allowed and the greater violation here is using another person to fake Rico Blanco's voice.

Point Ko, a socio-political blog commented, "It seems Gibo's early fate is similar to former US presidential candidate John McCain. Rock band Van Halen also demanded to McCain's camp to stop using their song in their Ohio event and thet also announced that their are not supporting the Republican candidate John McCain. Other musicians like Foo fighters, John Mellencamp, Jon Bon Jovi also demands McCain's camp to stop using their music."

Below is the controversial TV Ad of Gibo Teodoro:

According to Section 178 of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, the copyright of an audiovisual work belongs "to the producer, the author of the scenario, the composer of the music, the film director, and the author of the work."

It also states that the composer of a song is entitled to 5 percent of the gross proceeds obtained in the sale or lease of the musical material.

Rico Blanco also clarifies that he is not supporting Gibo Teodoro but was looking forward to getting this fixed.

"I think this will be fixed, i keep saying it over and over. Pag ingatan lang po natin ang karapatan ng songwriters. Yun lang po. (...let us respect the rights of song writers. That'sall)"

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