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Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Housemates Celebrates New Year at Bahay ni Kuya

Week 13, Day 90: Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemates celebrated the New Year by stepping on balloons arranged by the number 2010. The female housemates also remembered the housemates who have left, by calling their names according to order of eviction (except the twins).

This was the scenario at Bahay ni Kuya during New Year, a house where housemates celebrated the entry of 2010 together.

It was a mix of fun, games and excitement which ended includes throwing Melisa, Kath and Tibo at the pool. Jason was also awarded the tricycle for completing his task.

PBB housemates celebrate New Year, housemates birthday

Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up is the third regular season of Pinoy Big Brother, which began on October 4, 2009 on ABS-CBN.

(L-R) Delio, Jason, JP, JM, Carol, Kenny, Toffi, Melisa, Paul Jake, Princess, Mariel, Tom, Yhel, Yuri, Cathy, Hermes, Jimson, Kath, Johan, Patrick, Rica, Patria, Rob, Tibo, Sam, Rocky

The remaining PBB housemates includes Cathy, Hermes, Jason, Johan, Kath, Mariel, Melisa, Paul Jake, Rica, Sam and Tibo. The newest among these housemates is Sam who only entered during Day 43.

What's new with Double Up compared to previous Pinoy Big Brother? Here they are:

  • Two Houses - unlike previous seasons, the house has been divided into two distinct areas with similar rooms and a shared confession room, but both are designed differently - with House A inspired by the architectural design of Antoni Gaudí, and House B featuring reproductions of Vincent van Gogh's paintings.
  • Double Up Housemates - two sets of identical twins were included in the roster of housemates - with each member of the twins living in both parts of the house, switching between the two areas when instructed. However, the rest of the housemates do not know about the twins, or the fact that there are two houses. The twins will also receive an immunity from nomination for eviction during the first nomination night if they succeed in keeping this a secret, but if they do reveal it they will be forcibly evicted.
  • House Swaps - Housemates were made to swap houses and group members as instructed by Big Brother.
  • Voting System - For the seventh eviction, the show introduced the vote to evict system, where the viewers are given the chance to vote for the housemates they want to evict. For the eighth eviction onwards, the show brought back the vote-to-save system and retained the vote-to-evict system.
  • Head of Household and Hand Grenade - The Head of Household twist is once again used with the Hand Grenade twist as the new addition. Both were implemented after the housemates began living in one house. The hand grenade goes to the ultimate loser in the HOH competition. See Head of Household and Hand Grenade sections for further details.

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