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Climate Change Is Not Real!

In 2009 lots of tall tales about Climate Change was spearheaded and media blitz was done in order to propagate it. Here are the Top 10 Tall Tales of Climate Change in 2009:

Story #1 : Temperatures have dropped over the last decade. Yellow journalist Matt Drudge peddled this whopper with sensational headlines in 2008. This year, it was repeated so many times that it turned into the kind of contrarian cocktail party factoid that can’t be disputed by mere … facts. The premise is simple: Draw a line from a particularly hot thermometer level (in this case, the one-time record hot year of 1998) to any lower temperature that came later. Voila! You’ve got a downward trend!

Story #2: Al Gore’s pushing the climate change myth so he can get rich. Gore’s political enemies often gripe that he’s made a lot of money since losing the 2000 selection. They’re convinced not only that those were ill-gotten gains, but that the main reason he’s pushing now for climate legislation is so that he can make even more money on carbon credits, or green energy technology, or both, or something. The suspicions reached their apex in a congressional committee hearing when a backbench Republican from Gore’s home state of Tennessee interrogated him on his investments.

Story #3: Many climate scientists don’t believe in anthropogenic climate change. Every time you turn around, there’s another petition supposedly signed by skeptical climate scientists. First there was the list of “500 Scientists Whose Research Contradicts Man-Made Global Warming Scares,” put together by the anti-climate-action Heartland Institute. Then, there were more than 30,000 scientists who supposedly signed the “Oregon Petition.” And then, just before this month’s Copenhagen climate summit, 141 “Science and Technology Experts well Qualified in Climate Science” signed an open letter to the U.N. secretary-general demanding “convincing evidence” that climate change is occurring.

Story #4: It’d be a heck of a lot cheaper to fix things after the fact. The economist and the journalist who wrote the spectacularly successful Freakonomics published the followup this fall: SuperFreakonomics. It’s filled with all kinds of errors about climate change, among them that the Earth is cooling, and that solar panels and trees make the Earth hotter.

Story #5: Climategate discredited the ‘myth’ of anthropogenic climate change. E-mails stolen from a British climate research center proved once and for all that an insider gang of climate scientists fudged data showing that the Earth is getting colder. The proof? Two or three missives out of thousands between leading climate scientists. In one, a researcher talks about using the “Nature trick” to “hide the decline”; deniers say that proves scientists were hiding temperature declines from the public for years (see #2, above). In another, a scientist says: “I have been fiddling with the best way to illustrate the stable nature of the medieval warm period.”

Story #6: The media has hyped climate change. We all know journalists hate America. Rather than report the truth, they act as PR agents for the global warming crowd. That’s why it’s right and proper to claim over and over again that journalists are biased in favor of “global alarmists” – and to claim it most loudly when there’s no evidence to prove it.

Story #7: “Cap and tax” will cost thousands of dollars per household. Cap-and-trade may be a complicated policy idea, but building a tall tale around it is pretty simple: Just yell “largest tax increase in American history” and people will get the message.

Story #8: The ice caps are getting bigger. There’s a growing belief among climate change deniers that all the talk about the melting polar ice is a bunch of hot air. Partly it seems to come from the anecdotal observation that, regardless of long-term trends, sea ice grows in the winter.

Story #9: The EPA suppressed whistle-blowing dissidents.

Story #10: Warming on Mars proves that warming on Earth isn’t caused by humans.

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