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Technology Predictions for 2010 Year of the Tiger

2010 will be the year of the Tiger and as usual, every year predictions for 2010 comes in different kinds from the most realistic to the most eye opening and shocking. Let's look at some of them.

The first ever new gadget that might just glaze 2010 will be Apple's launch of the most highly anticipated product of 2010 is without a doubt the much-rumored, and still unproven Apple tablet.

It is also predicted that 2010 will be the "death of the login". It is said that by 2010 users will turn to third-party authentication services like Facebook Connect, Open ID and others.

Television is going 3D. This was relayed by the folks at CNBC. With the continous success of impressive #D movies like Avatar, the first copy of 3DTV will hit stores in 2010.

PC World even has its own predication and boldly declared that 2010 will be the year of the tablet computer , year of the Droid , year of the Mac and some even think 2010 might be Blu-ray's time to shine.

More high tech predictions for 2010 includes the possible mainstreaming of augmented reality. Augmented reality is when a data overlay is placed on top of a video or still image giving you added information about whatever you're looking at. Meaning you can walk around with your phone and get directions and information about landmarks in real time.

Based on the firsm IDC's predition, 2010 will be the year of cloud computing. "Cloud computing will expand and mature as we see a strategic battle for cloud platform leadership, new public cloud hot spots, private cloud offerings, cloud appliances, and offerings that bridge public and private clouds," IDC says .

Other bold technology predictions include McAffee's assessment that in 2010 we will see a large volume of hackers trying to destabilize and hack the new Google Chrome OS plus we might see Adobe Reader as a strong malware target.

Perhaps the most alarming prediction would be a possible in road to the freedom of information in the internet. It is said that 2010 will be the beginning of seeing more paywalls at news sites and bandwidth caps from Internet service providers making inroads next year. This is according to the folks at PricewaterhouseCoopers' Center for Technology and Innovation.

Thanks to the folks at PC World for providing us with these updates. Happy New Year everyone!

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