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The Warm Heart of the Obamas

The Trick or Treat recently in the White House showcasing spouses Barack and Michelle Obama was a manifestation of their kind and pure spirited heart. It was with this that the new view of the world on the United States is being born. 2,000 kids were given candies and custom made fruit mixes prepared by the White House. Michelle Obama was dressed as catwoman while many others converge in the White House to honor military families and their sacrifice for the country.

It was one of the few times that the White House celebrated Halloween but perhaps it was the first time that such a huge number of children were ever present. The children were inspired to see the first family up and close.

Meanwhile, Obama thanked the military members and their families. "We are so grateful to you," he said. "Especially now, a lot of the times, you guys are separated. It's tough. The spouses who are at home are serving just as much as folks who are deployed. So we are just so thrilled that you guys could be here."

The caring though of Barack Obama to the welfare of all Americans including military officials and their family was what a president should be. No wonder he was taking as much time as he can to deploy more troops to Afghanistan. He want to help in the war but he want also to care for the lives and safety of American soldiers.

His Health Care Reform was another manifestation of Obama's caring heart. He was ready to challenge the status quo and even big insurance companies in order to make health care available for all Americans.

It is indeed a Happy Halloween for the American people.

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