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Planting Trees is Good But Will Not Solve Climate Change

A presentation I found in the internet says that planting trees will not actually solve Climate Change although it has some contribution to it. Take for example his assumption that in Ateneo, 14,000 students emit 3,500 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year or 250Kg per student. He then concluded that to compensate the emission each student should plan at least 31 tress per year or 250 hectares which is twice the size of their campus.

As regards to the emission of the entire Philippines, every Filipino should plant at least 100 trees per year. It then concluded than planting trees enhance surroundings and habitat but will never be enough against climate change.

This is indeed true. Planting trees is not the ultimate solution to climate change but it also helps mitigate effects of climate change like flooding and soil erosion. It also enhances biodiversity, help in providing ground water and provide shelter for various species.

If planting trees will not help that big then what will?

The same presentation states the following:

First, solid waste management which includes the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), waste seggegation, zero trash burning and eating less meat. The presentation also notes that feeding a vegetarian uses 90 percent less land than a meat eater.

Meat production does not only emit so much carbon dioxide it also uses liters and liters of water. In fact for every kilogram of beef for example 1,000 liters of water is needed.

Interesting facts but worth considering. If we want to really have a better life and also help in making our environment livable then start acting now.

In 2010 there is also one major solution that we can do? That is... vote and support a green candidate which carries a green agenda. There is a candidate which just carries that... Nicanor Perlas.

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