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Noynoy Aquino Political Ad "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa" Backfires?

The first ever infomercial cum political ad of Sen. Noynoy Aquino, "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa" shown on television, October 30 seems to have more of a negative effect than a positive effect.  Initial reaction shows disappointment and questions on the necessity of the advertisement.  One Facebook user says that Noynoy being the leader in all presidential polls does not need this, not at this time.
"I was shocked to see that Noynoy Aquino had joined the domain of traditional politicians with his artista-packed infommercial on TV this evening. I cringed while watching it. He's already leading in surveys. That obviously was not necessary. Minus points in my book."

One observer says.  The blog, 2010 Presidentiables noted that this ad also made advertising history.  It is the first ever tv advertisement with the most number of celebrity endorsers.   Good or bad for Noynoy?  We don't know.

Another one who watched the ad said,
"I too was unhappy with the pandering to celebrities to get votes and the music is the standard uplift stuff. Noynoy does not come off well in this ad. All very plastique. He needs to be talking serious matters."
With all honesty the ad lacks a strong message on what Noynoy represents. The ads of Manny Villar and Mar Roxas, even Erap Estrada was clearer on that. This ad of Noynoy is very scripted and clearly an attempt to say that he too has the capacity to show ads... or was he threatened by Senator Escudero's sudden rise in popularity?

This view seem to have been the view of quite a number of people as well, just recently in the article entitled, "Not Another Yellow Solidarity of the Bourgeoisie," the main assessment was it lacks substance and real message.  It was as many said, "shock and awe" approach.

The article further says,
Perhaps, no platform is needed. The video artfully shows us that personality and patronage politics will gloss over the real issues, that the torches will shed light onto actors’ beautiful faces but leave in the darkness real issues like agrarian reform and human rights. That even in the broad bourgeoisie solidarity, not everyone is on equal footing. Someone’s torch burns higher and brighter, someone stands higher than everyone else, someone will be at the center—or at least, someone can afford to, not just financially, but in terms of social capital as well.
As far as I know, Perlas has the most comprehensive political platform among all the candidates. These platforms contains the much needed reforms our country needs. You can download his complete platform by CLICKING HERE or visiting

For sure Noynoy can no longer claim that he advocates new politics... not after he joins them in the traditional politicians sea.

Would we just say that this is the situation of politics in our country? As what another Facebook user says in his comment to this ad:

ugh! puhleez! words fail me seeing this garbage of a campaign vid! we pinoys are digging our own graves, period. politics here is like a perfectly designed entree by high maintenance moronic chefs, meticulously cooked in satan's kitchen and finally served to all of us on national TV as daily fix! can we be a bigger embarrassment to the world, please? darn!

I hope that we seek not only winnability because we the voters gives the winnability and not the candidates... whoever we support will surely win.

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