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Italian Scientist Says Shroud of Turin is Fake

An Italian scientist who was able to reproduce an exact replica of the Shroud of Turin which shows the face of Jesus Christ insists that the mystery surrounding the shroud is a medieval myth.

"We have shown that is possible to reproduce something which has the same characteristics as the Shroud," Luigi Garlaschelli, who is due to illustrate the results at a conference on the para-normal this weekend in northern Italy, said on Monday.

The Shroud of Turin shows the back and front of a bearded man with long hair, his arms crossed on his chest, while the entire cloth is marked by what appears to be rivulets of blood from wounds in the wrists, feet and side.

The carbon dating conducted in 1988 by laboratories in Oxford started the controversy when the results indicated that it was dating from between 1260 and 1390. This means that the shroud is not synchronized with the date in which Christ is believed to have died. The hoax some says aims to attract the profitable medieval pilgrimage business.

But scientists have thus far been at a loss to explain how the image was left on the cloth.

The Catholic Church itself does not claim the Shroud is authentic nor that it is a matter of faith, but says it should be a powerful reminder of Christ's passion.

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