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The Debate on Altering and Retouching Model's Looks and Images

Another image had flamed the already controversial debate on weather the altering of how model's looks in their pictorials, on advertisements and on magazines should be allowed or not. The latest image to add up to this debate is an image showing Filippa Hamilton in a new Ralph Lauren advertisement. Filippa was so thin that her waist actually appears to be smaller than her head.

Those opposing the procedure says that ads like this are conveying false advertisement and is affecting the self-esteem of woman and how people look at beauty and fashion. Most of the images have no semblance of truth since they had been altered to the point that it was not really the "real" model or artist being shown.

Some of the other retouched photos that had been subkect of the debate were the following:

The two faces of Twiggy at 59: Spot the difference: Twiggy in her Olay ad (L) looks a far cry from her more natural appearance on a trip to the supermarket (R)

What do you think about this issue?  Do you think it is right and proper to use editing in advertising or should it really be banned?  Personally, I think if there is editing it should not be to the point of actually altering how the model looks otherwise it is already false advertising.

There are already websites sprouting to address this growing concern and two of them are About-Face and

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