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Blogging Market In Saturation Period says Latest Blogging Survey Results

The latest Blogging Survey conducted by Videojug reveals that the blogging market is now in saturation. Aside from that it also revealed a lot of interesting facts and results. A whooping 54.7% of bloggers had their blog for over 2 years with just 11% who have their blogs only for under a year. Another interesting result is the revalation that of all the blogs, a huge 55% don't have any advertisements in their blog.

Here is the summary of the latest blogging survey...

Below are a few of the popular questions that were posed in the survey, briefly summarised for quick reference.

Blogging Market In Saturation Period:
54.7% of bloggers have had their blog for over 2 years. Only 11% have held their blog for under a year.

Blogging Remains Personal and Non-Commercial:
73.6% of bloggers run their blogs for personal or non-commercial reasons whereas 4.7% ran it as a corporate entity.

Bloggers Love Leisure, Food & Drink and Education:
Leisure and Hobbies (29.2%), Food and Drink (17.8%) and Education 17.9%) are the most common blog category subjects.

Top Five Reasons For Starting A Blog:
Most people start their blog to either showcase their talent, to educate and help others, as a hobby, for corporate reasons, or purely for the monetary benefit.

Personalised Communication Still The Answer:
Personalised communication is still the best method of communication with 19.7% of bloggers saying they would respond. Non-personalised communication is very unlikely to get a response, even targeted mail-merges.

Bloggers Don’t Enjoy Press Releases:
Recommendations and press releases only consist of 3% of content that bloggers choose to feature. The majority (65.4%) still blog about their personal choice.

Blogs: No Cost, No Profit:
70% of bloggers spend less than $50 running their blog, however a massive 55% don’t have any advertising on their blog.

Google AdSense Still Prevails Among The Blogging Community:
The most popular form of revenue on a blog is Google AdSense (29.6%), followed by Sponsored blog Posts (6.5%), and product sales.

Sponsored Blog Posts Are Hugely Popular:
The majority (56.5%) stated they would accept payment for a blog entry with the minimum payment ranging from $2 to $1000 per post.

Blogging Business Is Profitable:
There is still potential to earn profits from blogging as 3% of bloggers still earn over $10K on an annual basis.

Video Content Still At Maturity Stage:
57.3% currently feature video content, with another 35% saying they didn’t understand the concept of video and blogging.

User-Generated Video: A Growth Market:
12% of bloggers stated that they would produce their own video content, and 59.2% said they would consider making contextual relevant videos.

Instructional (how to) Video Content:
A Perfect Match: Instructional (how to) content was the most popular (39%) form of video content that bloggers would consider.

Text Still More Powerful Than Video:
Bloggers believe that a text article is a more powerful way to communicate with their audience than video content.

Video Content As An Additional Revenue Model:
Video content as an additional revenue model was still an immature market with many bloggers unsure on how to achieve this.


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