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The Power of Arts in Our Life

Amidst all the disasters proliferating in the news today there are still things which can definitely relieve us from the stress and complication of what we are seeing and experiencing.  Do you know that art works such as the Ford Smith Art, can make us feel better and appreciate our self, the surroundings, life and nature more?  Yes, it is definitely a fact.  Arts have the power to make us feel better specially if the art works are suited for you.

Even art works which depicts war, sorrow and disasters can make us feel better although it actually depends on how the art is presented. Generally, art which portrays the goodness of the human race and the beauty of our planet is what is effective in making us emotionally better.

Abstract art makes us think and interpret the art in various ways. Through art works like this we generally feel a sense of connection between ourselves and the art work.

Art work are also expressions of life, thus we can see the effect of the person's emotions and situation on how an art is drawn and presented. There are authors who really like to draw out the positive in all events be it good or bad and I am sure that after seeing all that is happening in our planet we want to see and be reminded of the goodness we all possess.

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