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Peace Starts from Within: The International Day of Peace

Around the world everyone is celebrating the International Day of Peace and Muslims in addition are celebrating the end of their month long Ramadan. Since childhood I always hear during Christmas time the saying, "Peace on Earth" and on campaigns they say, "Let Us Give Peace a Chance." Yet up to now there are ongoing conflicts around the world whose casualties are commonly the unarmed and the innocents.

Why is the world so unpeaceful and why are conflicts continuing? Perhaps the simple answer is because they had failed to have peace within themselves. They are being overcome by greed, power, envy and desire to take something which is not theirs. They are blinded by a false ideology that they are superior and in order to claim victory bloodshed and deaths are necessary consequences.

Today on the International Day of Peace, I convey the simple message that each of us should seek to have peace with himself. To find out and know who we really are and seek to accept that each of us have our owns strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Be happy and contented for what we have and appreciate what others have as well. Have respect for others and always do no harm to them. Do good and help them whenever there is an opportunity.

If we are at peace with ourselves then we will be at peace with the world and in the long run the world will be at peace as well.

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