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Nick Perlas Issues Statement of Support for OneWebDay 2009 - The Internet Day

Presidentiable Nicanor "Nick" Perlas issued its statement supporting the OneWebDay celeberation in the Philippines on September 22, 2009. The celebration in the Philippines is headed by the Philippine Internet Users' Society (PIUS) - They are inviting everyone - those who uses the internet to register and join the cause.

Below is the official statement which is also posted at

I would like to extend, my personal congratulations to the Philippine Internet Users’ Society (PIUS) and their partners in leading the first ever celebration of OneWebDay in the Philippines.

The internet and new media have been harbingers of freedom of information and the press. The Internet is the equalizer of the mainstream media, bringing access to individuals even in remote locations and allowing the timid and shy and even the most marginalized sectors to share their voices to the world.

Although statistically the Philippine's internet access lags behind our neighbouring countries, Filipino internet users have been among the most vocal and socially active and participative in making use of the new media. Therefore, I fully encourage various efforts like that of PIUS and other organizations and individuals that are working in order to improve internet access to reach more Filipinos.

Internet and new media, used creatively and responsibly, can also contribute effectively in our effort to promote a positive and new politics. Today’s fundamental information revolution continues to advance at a rapid pace. With YouTube, one can essentially become a TV producer. With podcasts, one essentially becomes a radio broadcaster. With websites and blogs, one becomes a publisher of online content. With social networking, people are able to quickly spread information to their friends, and in turn, share the information with their networks. Outreach through the Internet can reach many millions both here in the country and globally, making it possible for the millions of overseas Filipino workers to also be involved in transforming the country.

The youth are particulary positioned to take advantage of the internet and the new media and can become a driving force in change politics. It is my hope that through the internet, more Filipinos can get involved in the process of changing our country. In the same vein, candidates who represent the new politics will also have an opportunity to share their visions for the country and can inspire voters to break the stranglehold of traditional politicians so that the Philippines can become what it is truly meant to be: the Pearl of the Orient -- ang Lupa ng Araw.

In this regard, may I express my full support to the advocacy of the Philippine Internet Users; Society (PIUS) to provide greater access to the internet and to empower internet users in the country.

Again, I join everyone in celebrating OneWebDay 2009.


Nicanor “Nick” Perlas

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