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Nicanor Perlas and His Presidential Bid: A Waste of Time and Vote?

Nicanor "Nicky" Perlas is determined to make a bid for the presidency of the Philippines but is this just a waste of time and vote?  Let is take a look at the reasons why Perlas is running for the presidency and why his supporter thinks otherwise.

Nicanor Perlas had been well known in the environmental circle and also globally.  Perlas is a well known and highly praised visionary leader who had been involved in various advocacy in the Philippines and around the world but will his fellow Filipinos recognize this?

Take for instance Perlas is part of those who helped broker the peace talks and final peace agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) of Prof. Nur Misuari.  Perlas had also helped in various occasions in greater understanding between different people as well as inter-faith dialogues such an example is in Israel.

One of his many volunteers, Paula for example is a certified non-political person.  She has apathy towards politics in particular but upon hearing Nicanor Perlas during the Talakayan 2010 on Education at the Asian Institute of Management, Paula now is the Vice President of the Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA).  PANGMASA is the party campaigning for a Perlas presidency.

Nicanor Perlas also is key to the turn-around in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in the Philippines.  He is one of the key leaders and actors who made it possible for pro-third world country and pro-environment safeguards be included in the final APEC document.

During the Marcos era Perlas had surrendered his life of comfort and luxury to a life of social activism and serving the people.  In fact, he was key to the prevention of the operation of 12 potentially hazardous nuclear power plants in the Philippines.  He is also key in the banning of hazardous and toxic pesticides from being used in our farms.

Examining the platform and plan of PANGMASA and Nicanor Perlas upon winning the presidency, you can see a new and better direction for our country.  It is a change in direction that includes the appreciation of our culture and our innovativeness and creativity as a people.  For so long we had brilliant and creative minds in our country but they had been neglected by the government and if Nicanor Perlas wins this will be one of his key governmental policies.

Nicanor Perlas overall is a microfinance expert, peace maker and an environmentalist.  His Life Bank Foundation provided the much needed assistance to more than 200,000 farmers and also belongs to the top 3 micro finance banks in our country.

So Nick Perlas is unpopular many says and he is even zero in the survey thus why vote for him?

The answer from all of his volunteers is quite simple, "We should go for the Philippines we want to have and not for the person that says they are the right person to be president."


I admire Nicky Perlas and his volunteers for their dedication and prime belief that we could change and that we want a better Philippines.

How about you?  What do you want? What do we want?

Do we want to just oust Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and vote for the most popular candidate now or DO WE WANT A BETTER FUTURE BASED BEYOND GLORIA ARROYO?

If we want a better future beyond PGMA then I guess for now, Nicky Perlas is the presidential candidate who can walk with us towards achieving that future.

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