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Nicanor "Nick" Perlas Calls on Long-term Solutions to Fight Disasters

Environmentalist and presidential aspirant Nicanor Perlas issued a statement in response to the flooding brought about by Typhoon Ondoy. “ Let us set aside political issues and respond swiftly to the emergency situation that has affected millions of Filipinos today. In addition, disaster preparedness and relief operations should be accelerated in the light of global warming.”

Since last year, in talks around the country and other parts of the world, Perlas has been warning about the new era of global warming resulting in climate changes and freak weather patterns. Perlas offered specific measures for disaster preparedness programs that the private and government sectors can partner and adopt in addition to the existing plans.

His suggestions include the following:

  • Increase the capacity of nerve centers of disaster response agencies to handle thousands of calls that are to be expected in times of disaster.
  • Develop a well maintained emergency communication plan that will provide real time information about emergency situations.
  • Increase disaster preparedness awareness on the community level by launching an educational campaign even before disaster strikes including places where to go and convene in case of flooding and different forms of disasters.
  • Increase dramatically the Coast Guard’s number of rescue vehicles and personnel to ensure rapid and safe rescue of citizens stranded in flooded areas. #

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