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Jason Mraz's I'm Yours Makes Music History (Video)

Jason Mraz makes history with the 71-week Billboard chart run of the song I'm Yours. I'm Yours may be the longest running song in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart but report says the song had been sang by Jason Mraz even longer.

It was revealed that Mraz has played the song on tour for five years and noticing the response of the crowd he then released it as a single.

"The song was really born into the crowd. ... I noticed almost an immediate response to it and people really celebrated in a different way during that song," he said in a phone interview by Yahoo Music. "And then by having those three years to jam to the song, it gave us the opportunity to do something simple, yet spirited" in the studio.

The song first appeared in the Top 100 in May 2008 and then become hit No. 6 in September 2008, from there on it has spent 71 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 singles. The previous record holder was LeAnn Rime's late-1990's hit, "How Do I Live" which lasted 69 weeks.

Here is another version of the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz...

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