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It's OneWebDay, What Can You do to Celebrate the Internet Day?

The best way to celebrate OneWebDay is to join us at Mall of Asia Music Hall on September 22 and experience this first ever celebration of #OWD2009 in the Philippines.  However for those who really want to be there but  are too far away, WHAT CAN YOU DO ONLINE TO PARTICIPATE?

First,  REGISTER at and be a member of the Philippine Internet Users Society.

Second, you can still purchase the OneWebDay Certificate and we can send it to you.  Remember that OneWebDay's essence does not end on the day itself.  The campaign of PIUS for the realization of its advocacy is an everyday challenge that we must unite.

Third, during the event in MOA people will be asked to take pictures with the "OneWebDay Poster" and then it will all be uploaded at the website.  You too can share your pictures with us and win a Mozilla laptop bag from Mozilla.  Just download the posters HERE and then send it to Mozilla as well as to us at

Fourth, please sign the OneWebDay petition.  The Internet belongs to everyone, yet all over the world, government regulators as well as powerful corporate entities, are making important decisions about the future of the Web. Are you at the table?  Sign the pledge to free the Net and increase Internet access to all citizens around the world!

Fifth and more... well there are hundred ways to celebrate OneWebDay.  The event is simply a way of spreading the empowerment and essence of the internet to everyone.  Teach someone, volunteer, share your ideas and more.


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