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The Fuzz About President Obama's Health Care Plan

So what's wrong about President Obama's pro-poor and pro-American Health Care Plan? The answer is "there is none". Then why are they picturing all these seemingly apocalyptic scenarios? The simple answer is that most of those opposing the bill are favoring large insurance companies who might loose clients if there is indeed a public option where Americans can choose from.

It is not true in my view that a public option or the health care plan will let the government decide who gets a health care or not but it is the other way around. A universal health care plan will open the door for all Americans to afford a health care plan regardless of his income or situation.

This had been a long overdue legislation that would secure the health of all Americans and now it is again being hindered by self centered interests of both politicians and health care companies.

An article on Politico states and I quote...

Opponents of the current reform effort have been hawking a nail-biter of a horror flick: Faceless government bureaucrats take over the health care system, destroy innovation, eliminate choice and empower government “death panels” to decide whether Grandma will live or die.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have three different versions of a 1,018-page bill in the House, seemingly endless negotiations in the Senate and a feud over something called the “public option.”

So what's fueling messages like this? There is so much passion on the other side preventing reform that it seems there is less passion on the pro-reform side. Well, the thing is if the legislation is passed then those who allowed it to happen might get less support from those companies who don't want their profits to be cut short because the President of America decided that it is now time that everyone even the poor gets helath care entitlement.

Like the debate on whether children will be allowed to watch Obama's address on television or not these fears on health care reform is another case of trying to cling to the power of money and elitism and not wanting to embrace at least some passion for the general welfare of all Americans.

So who gets the last laugh? The battle still rages on...

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