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Wowowee: The Worst and Most Scandalous Variety Show in the Philippines

Willie Revillame and Wowowee could be the worst ever and most scandalous variety and television show ever in the history of Philippine television. Scandal after scandal had rocked the show and its host, Willie Revillame year after year. The worst among these scandals is the Ultra Wowowee Anniversary Sprecial Stampede were 73 people have died. Willie Revillame and other who had been accused were acquitted on the charges and the show was not even suspended. Another scandal was the controversial Wilyonaryo in which instead of a 2 (for 2 million), a zero came out of the violet box.

Even Demata - Wowowee Worst Scandals

The latest among the controversies of Wowowee and its host Willie Revillame came during the procession of Cory Aquino from La Salle Greenhills to Manila Cathedral. In that incident Revillame ordered the technical staff to remove the insert video of the procession. He had asked that because he says it was not proper to show it.

It could have been a non-issue if Willie just did it offcam and did not show his arrogance. (View the story and video here).

There were also alleged illicit conducts and insults being done by Wowowee to its audience and staff (View the story and video here).

A recent story and news from a Hawaii based news agency recently also revealed that Willie Revillame and his show did not show during a supposed party in Hawaii. Although the promoter is offering full refund, people feel cheated.

Willie Revillame Scandal in Hawaii

Presently the clamor to oust Willie Revillame and his show is gaining momentum and the online petition had gathered more than 34,000 signatures as of today.

A YouTube user by the name of Even Demata had gathered various video proofs about the alleged misconducts of Willie Revillame. To find out more about it just search the name "Even Demata" on YouTube. Based on what I saw, it is definitely true that Wowowee is the worst show ever in Philippine television history.

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