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The War Against Cyxymu is a Cyberwar Not by Russia

Cyxymu, the first cyber refugee had been the target of an ongoing cyber war against him. The latest of this was was a Denial of Service or DDoS attack against his e-mail, Twitter account, Facebook account and others. This attacked affected entire networks including Twitter which went down for several hours. So who is this Cyxymu and what is his cause and advocacy?

"Cyxymu" is Cyrillic spelling of Sukhumi, a city in the breakaway territory of Abkhazia in Georgia. Abkhazia was recently recognized as an independent nation by Russia after the Russian-Georgian War together with South Ossetia. However up to now Georgia doesn't recognize this independence.

On an article it says that the Russian KGB was to blame for the attack against Cyxymu's sites but apparently the one being attacked by this person is Georgia. He had been very active in exposing the genocide being done during the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. In 2006 he posted in his live journal pictures of the before and after war scenes in the town of Syhymi. Which was also posted in this FORUM. His livejournal which is the source of the photos were no longer active.

I strongly believe that it was not the Kremlin who had caused this Cyber attack but probably a Georgian operative who wants to silence the growing anti-Georgia sentiments in areas like South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Or well... it can also be a self-inflicted attack with the help of the Russians to cause a ruckus on the topics and illicit support for the international recognition of the two independent states and view Russia as a liberator rather than an aggressor.

The revealing pictures below were part of the livejournal way back in 2006 which apparently is showing the massacre caused by Georgia:

I want to disagree with the comments of Net Effect saying that Cyxymu was just an ordinary blogger for he is an activist. An activist fighting for the independence and recognition of his country and he is using cyberspace as a medium.

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