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Technology Changes Air into Water

Marc Parent, inventor of EOLE Water SAS boast that his invention changes air into drinking water. True to his words and evidenced by demonstration of the new technology it did produce water from mere air produced by the turbine. Eole Water is the one of the kind technology and a recognized know-how in the field of the production of water by condensation. They said that their products are based on 10 years of Research and Development, which in time reaches a high level of performances and proof reliability. The innovation is supported by worldwide numerous patents. So what's the principle behind the technology?

Earth atmosphere is full of humidity. It is a very important capacity of natural water: 13000km3. Eole Water only use wind power to liquefy the air steam. Humidity is sucked up and then condensate. Water in extracted from the steam. A phenomenon equivalent to rain is created inside the wind turbine.

Eole Water is conducting a approach for sustainable development with a clean technology for water production. Wind is the only resource. The system is CO² rejection free.

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It seems that we are seeing an emergence of a new technology. However some of the questions raised by consumers is the effect of pollution in the air to the end product. Will water cleanliness depend on the quality of air? What will be the effect of the technology when it is used en mass?

Well that remains to be seen and should be studied before mass production.

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