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Survivor Philippines Palau Week 2, Nanay Carol is Out?

The expected had happened yesterday, Nanay Carol is finally out in Survivor Philippines Palau. She could have been the first castaway to be voted out if not for the immunity bracelet which Airai gave her. It was a unanimous decision. She was hated and an irrate to Koror. Nanay Carol on her parting words after being voted out said that it was the wrong decision and that she is just doing her best. But is she really out? Not yet...

Nanay Carol will now join Justin in Isla Purgatoryo. The two will have a one-on-one face off and whoever wins will get the chance to stay at the island. Upon tribe merger the winner will then join the rest of the castaways and start a new.

Justin was not happy to see Nanay Carol, well they are of coure the bitter of rivals back then. Justin however was kind enough to prepare lunch for her as an arrival and welcome gift. Who will win? That is an interesting thing to see.

During Week 2 also which is from Day 4 to 6, Koror managed to win in the Reward Challenge and they have their crates now. For the first time they did eat rice and cooked food. For the immunity challenge meanwhile, Airai once again proved their strength and with to once again defeat their rival tribe. It seems the strength of Airai was just too much for Koror. Airai is united while Koror is in disarray.

Alliance is fast building in Airai. There are already two allianced based on gender. In the Koror camp it seems Louie is the one dictating who will stay or not. If his plans go according to his way, the next Tribal Council will see Marvin and then Tara getting voted out.

It was an exciting week for the most exciting realiti show in Philippine television. I am sure the next week will again be exciting and breath taking. So stay tuned.

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