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Survivor Philippines Palau Week 1, Justin is Out?

The first week of Survivor Philippines Palau concluded with Justine Ferrer being voted out, 7/8 votes. But at the end of the show and as the credits end you can hear Paolo saying, "You still have a chance to get back to the island." Definitely Paolo is talking to Justine and this is yet another twist in Survivor Season 2. Is the show being bias to Justine considering he is a transwoman and not a real woman? Well, I don't know but last night when that is revealed I felt that those who auditioned and are real women might get the feeling that they were duped.

So how did the first week ended with Day 3 of the 39 days already unfolding. Airai was the dominant tribe for the week. They won all the challenges. Koror was pitiful since they were being slowed down by their infighting.

Survivor Philippines: Palau OBB

Before we proceed here are the current tribe members:

Airai: Cris Bolado, Mika Batchelor, Amanda Coolley Van Cooll, Jeffrey "Jef" Gaitan, Vlad Nesas, Troy Perez, Shaun Rodriguez, Maya Segovia.

: Carol Gementiza, Justine Ferrer, John Louie Ang, Echo Caceres, Charles Fernandez, Marvin Kiefer, Tara Jane Macias, Sadatsugu Suzuki.

At the Tribal Council, Carol could have been the first to be voted out but thanks to Airai, giving her the immunity bracelet which save her from her demise.

Carol was for me a nuisance. If I had been in the Koror camp I would definitely vote her out. She was acting like the terror teacher she was. She is ordering everyone around and was in fact shouting. Carol was definitely a pain in the ass, if I will put it that way.

Airai was a different story and perhaps the basketball experience of Cris Bolado had helped. He is suppose to be the leader of the tribe in my point of view and he is acting really for the good of the tribe. Despite plotting against each other, Airai had remained more cohesive than Koror.

Troy, the mentalist is the counterface of Carol in Airai. He seems to be a perverted guy who really is looking for some good time in the island. Is he searching for a girlfriend or worst a fuck buddy in the island? Well we don't know. Is it his strategy? Well, it seems to be. Everything is like a strategy in Survivor Philippines and you will never know the outcome until the end.

Going back to the case of Justine. As I said before, personally I felt she should be classified as male still considering she was indeed male... yaiks even I am now confused. But with further analysis, since she already had sex transplant she can be considered female as well. Now let us leave it at that because it was simply a confusing issue.

So Paolo is giving Justine a second chance? Well... that is interesting.

So who will be the next Pinoy Sole Survivor? Just watch and see... Till the next week...

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