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Environmental Challenge Organisation (ECO) Goes International

Soft launch of ECO Indonesia reaches out to more youth in Southeast Asia

On August 8th, 2009, the Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore), a leading youth social enterprise advocating sustainable lifestyles for youths, will be spreading its wings with its first international office in Indonesia.

The launch will bring together young leaders, environmentalists and like minded individuals for an interactive and inspiring two-hour session, including the launch of its official website. “It is encouraging to see young people walking the talk, coming together to take concrete action towards saving our planet. Developing human capital is something we are very supportive of in young people, as well as nurturing the ethical leaders of tomorrow for a more sustain world,” said Mr Immanuel Bhimadjaja, Director of CX Pro Indonesia, a Human Resource Consultancy company and sponsor of the ECO Indonesia office.

ECO Indonesia has recently partnered with Danamon Bank to train a team of outstanding young environmental leaders through a vigorous selection process, as part of the Danamon Young Leaders Award process. This has resulted in 30 youth leaders, equipped with leadership and project management skills, who will manage projects all over Indonesia which are expected to benefit over 5,000 Indonesian over the first year alone.

Support for the environmental sustainability in Indonesia has come from many quarters, from corporate to individual levels. Ms Maria Theodora Kurniawati, a concerned parent, has kindly pledged to support ECO Indonesia financially in reaching its objective of getting youth to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle through informed choices through its campaigns and movements. “We are in a fast growing world, and increasingly, our resources are depleting. The future generations and their lives are at stake. However, we can all do our part by simply changing our mindsets and lifestyle habits. I am pleased to be able to support the movement of such an organisation in our country, especially when it is driven by a committed team of young individuals.” she said.

Added Iben Ismarson, 29, one of the founders and key drivers of ECO Indonesia, “We need to come together to make changes for a more sustained future for everyone. We have to watch our consumption and vote with our dollars for a common future that we youth will inherit in the near future. ECO Indonesia aims to involve the various stakeholders of society to start making the change now - from individual lifestyles to business practices,”

The soft launch of ECO Indonesia coincides with the annual ASEAN Day, and further demonstrates the warm relations and partnership that exist between Indonesia and Singapore. Along with other ECO Singapore initiatives like the annual World Leadership Conference, the establishment of ECO international offices provides another mechanism for engaging and bringing together like-minded youths from the other member states of ASEAN, and eventually the rest of Asia.

“As global citizens, we have to recognize that we share a common responsibility to take ownership and stewardship of this planet. Indonesia is the largest Southeast Asian country with a growing consumer demand like any developing nation. It is therefore crucial for its youth to understand and promote sustainable consumption.” said Founder and President of ECO Singapore, Wilson Ang.

Mr Ang added, “Given the warm relations between our nations, it is only natural that ECO brings together the young people between our countries in a spirit of partnership to drive change in our respective communities, ASEAN, Asia and eventually the world.”

Key details of the events are as follows:

Date: 8th August 2009
Time: 1500H – 1700H (GMT +7H)
Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam VII, No. 21
Jakarta Selatan 12810

Programme for the day includes:

1. Introduction of ECO Indonesia (Combined with Press Release)
2. Youth & ECO-preneurship Talk
3. ECO Indonesia Community Website Launch & Demo
4. Announcement of Green Blogging Competition
5. Coffee Break & Networking Session with like minded individuals

To join ECO Indonesia Facebook group:

Website to be launched: (still hidden till actual day)

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