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Bastardizing Democracy in Pampanga and The Life of A Crusader

What's happening to our country? Is this the way democracy is? I am glad that even though it seems Bush have stolen the presidency from Al Gore, the transition had been fine and he had not been that disrespectful to the democratic institution of his country. In the Philippines, the Supreme Court and the defeated candidates of Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio are crying foul that the current governor have cheated them. That is ridiculous indeed! That is why in a previous article in another blog I wrote that Governor Ed Panlilio is an alien. Now they will bastardize the democracy and bend the will of the people.

With just less than a year to the next election it seems the enemies of Ed Panlilio who cannot accept that they are defeated by a political newbie and much more a priest wants to prove that he did not win. They want to prove that guns, goons and gold are really the must have in Philippine elections.

This is also the very same reason that I think Gov. Panlilio should not run as President but instead run for a second term in Pampanga and align himself with a reform presidential candidate. This way the force of change can be more stable rather than everyone trying to become president.

Now here is an account from a kapampangan who is directly experiencing this bastardizing of democracy. This is also e-mailed courtesy of Mario Panlilio:

A day in the life of a crusader.....

In my own estimate not less than 300 Kapampangans from different municipalitites aboard the initial 42 vehicles which assembled at Villa del Sol grounds as early as 7AM joined the motorcade last August 22. Although Phil. Star reported some 600 people. This may be attributed by the convergence of the Manila delegation who met us upon our arrival at the Liwasang Bonifacio after a five hour-trek. Yes, we left San Fernando at 9AM (after doing some rounds in the city) and finally reached Liwasang Bonifacio at around 2PM! The flooded roads in many parts of Manila prolonged our journey but did not in anyway dampen our Kapampangan spirit.

We parted ways along the way but kept in mind our destination and purpose.. No one complained of the hot sunny day. No one complained of thirst and hunger. No one was paid just to be there. No one minded the skyrocketing prices of gasoline per liter. Almost everyone bought Kapampangan Kontra Recount (K2R) shirts and pins in order to augment our meager funds. Each shared his baon (packed lunch), chichiria and bottles of cold water when it was time to eat. Some did it in 5 minutes only at the Liwasang Bonifacio so we can be ready for the march. Some had to file their vacation leave just to support the historic motorcade, march and rally. It was really a fight of the brave Kapampangan (reminiscent of the May 2007 campaign) for their honor and dignity - by protecting the sanctity of their votes cast in the last elections.

We made use of the time while on traffic by announcing over loud speakers the stand of the Kapampangans regarding the sham recount due to its lack of basis, substance and form. The central message: What they are doing to Pampanga can be also done in your own locality once your leader becomes a 'thorn' to the Arroyo Administration.

Like the fountain in front of the national Post office, the smiles and cheers of the Manila delegation freshened our weary bodies. So from Liwasang Bonifacio, we were escorted by the police sent by Mayor Lim and took the march passing by the different schools on our way to COMELEC in Intramuros.. Students especially from Mapua, Lyceum and Letran were shouting and clapping and showed their support with their clenched fists.

The peaceful rally was done right in front of the Palacio del Gobernador. Our spirited and fiery speakers took turns in lambasting the Supreme Court, COMELEC, the Arroyo Administration and the Pinedas for their evil attempt to thwart the Kapampangan people's will.

The local crew of ABS-CBN and of CLTV 36 were with us along the way. GMA-7, ABS-CBN (represented by Cecille Lardizabal), Inquirer, Phil Star and UNTV were there despite our much delayed arrival. Perhaps, there could have been more media organizations had our coming was not delayed by four hours.

From my objective observation, we were able to achieve our main target here: to catapult this local issue in the national scene so that every Filipino will know what the vindictive and implacable Arroyo Administration does to an 'uncooperative' local chief executive to its abuses and issues of corruption. Our picket was like a reassurance to all upright moral leaders and a wake up call too to the institutions and guardians of democracy that the supreme power resides in the people. Can the pressure of the Filipinos stop the bogus recount? We don't know. But we're praying for it...

One thing sure: God knows what they're doing and we believe in the law of retribution. For being at the "wrong side of history," we say, "MAY ARAW DIN KAYO!"

It was a highly spirited rally. We were moved again in singing Kapampangan Ku and Bayan Ko. Drivers honked their horns as their way of showing support to us. The dying ember of democracy in Pampanga (brought about by this sham recount) is undoing Cory's gift of democracy to every Filipino. What the COMELEC, Supreme Court, the Arroyo Administration and the Pinedas do to us Kapampangans is undoubtedly not a fitting tribute to Tita Cory.

Gov. Ed went up to COMELEC to witness the revision himself. He was surprised to see some revisors positioned near the rest rooms.. Isn't it from the usual 4 revision committees, COMELEC constituted 21 teams? From a quota of 5 ballot boxes per revisor per day, it is now up to 10 boxes a day for every revisor just to 'speed up' the entire process in the mold of a bullet train express. On a brighter note according to Atty. Jun Francisco, one of Among Ed's lawyers,“ can count with your two hands the number of ballots with the nickname Nanay Baby.” Hopefuly this trend would continue till the end.

Keep on encouraging and praying for us. It's an uphill battle. Among Ed doesn't even have P70K a day to pay the honorarium of his revisors. See how immoral this bogus recount is?

From our end, our financial contribution is not even necessary if there are no power grabbers.

From their end, jueteng money that came anyway from poor people is being used to finance the entire process of stealing a legitimate power and authority given by the people.

A fake President is installing a fake Governor through a fake process! I remember the film "El Crimen del Padre Amaro" which depicted the commission of series of sins. The installation of a bogus Governor who will clear the way for a fake President in the coming 2010 elections will entail series of sin and corruption of many people and various institutions - all fueled by jueteng oil.

The unseating of our legitimate Governor Ed is the most serious threat so far to Pampanga democracy. God bless Pampanga!

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