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Barack Obama Joker Poster Spreading Across the United States

A recent poster of President Barack Obama clad as Heath Ledger's Joker, in clownish whiteface with a red slash for a mouth is spreading across the United States. The first appearance of the poster is seen to be in Los Angeles. The poster also has the word "SOCIALISM" on its bottom all caps. So what does this say about Obama?

Perhaps the poster can be attributed to Obama's opponent in the Health Care Reform Bill in which most opponents say that President Obama is leaning towards socialism in his planned reform in health care. This sentiment was even aired by people from his own party who called themselves the "Blue Dog Democrats."

The original photo of Obama sa The Joker is traced back to the Flickr acount khateeb88 which is owned by a 20 year old college student in Chicago studying engineering.

The student post Adobe Photoshop rendition of various images. He says, "I really just enjoy playing around with Photoshop more than the actual picture taking"

On the poster of Obama khateeb88 says the photo is not indicative of my political views.

"I'm really surprised at how this image has been taken and reproduced and the media coverage it's getting. I'm even more surprised so many outlets (CNN, Fox News) haven't figured out who the "mystery artist" is. All you need to do is a quick google image search on "Obama Joker" and you find the original!," the artist added.

The photo was maliciously used therefore in order to promote anti-Obama sentiments.

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