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We Join the Cyberprotest, Blog Action Day vs. #conass

We join the whole Philippine Blogging Community in the Cyberprotest, Blog Action Day vs. #conass. The current House Bill passed calling for Constituent Assembly or ConAss was an insult to the Filipino people. It is a selfish resolution that will only give more power to the current ruling elite and the current politicians in the government. The proposals including 1005 foreign ownership of businesses and lands will sell out the country to foreigners and might eventually make our people foreigners in their own country. We do not need Charter Change in this administration and at this time. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has no social capital and credibility to push for this changes. We do not trust her. It is time that we unite together not to only remove her from office but UNITE TO BUILD A NATION OF TRUE FILIPINOS... A true Maharlika Nation. Our struggle is not only in electing a new President but also in electing to finally recognize our true identity.

We do not need PGMA in power anymore. We do not need to lengthen her stay. We should never sell our business and properties to foreigners and to the greed of business. We should never elect these Congress people who voted for the ConAsss proposal.

I still advise though that we listen intently to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's State of the Nation Address tomorrow, July 27, 2009 and then let us recount what she said from the 1st SONA up to now.

Is she being truthful? Or is it only good works and no good deeds?

It is up for each of us to decide... but I hope we UNITE TO DENOUNCE CHARTER CHANGE!

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