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Updates on the National Youth Assembly: Policy-Making Is Not Easy

Here is our latest update as of July 19, 2009 from ECO Singapore on the ongoing Inaugural National Youth Assembly in Singapore.

What Happened?

It's getting closer to crunch time and the MYA's have been going into overdrive in order to get themselves sufficiently prepared and their bills thoroughly formulated. During their session on Saturday, the party leaders from the FEP (Quek Bai Feng) and SGF (Chester Tan), sat down with the Chairman and other members of the Chief Minister's Office and were told on how they would be proceeding over the next couple of weeks.

On top of the administrative proceedings, we saw bills related to Water and Waste amongst others, taking solid form in the proper formats and they were looked through under much scrutiny. Despite significant research and thought, some bills had to be re-written and others, re-approached with a different perspective.

What's Happening?

As of now its purely down to massive brainstorming and researching each intricate detail from the financing of the proposals to their implementation. The focus now is how to ensure that the bills being tabled are going to promote sustainable development, sit well with the people and simultaneously showcase the maturity and complexity that our youth have the capacity for. With each week that brings us closer to the Assembly itself, our MYAs are realising the difficulty of coming up with ideas and proposals, but are far from abandoning their resolute belief in their ability to make a difference and as such, the prospect of the Assembly becomes increasingly mouth-watering!

What's Up Next Week?

With just slightly more than two weeks to go, the MYAs will have an official session with the Speaker of the Assembly (Soon to be revealed) and the Chairman in order to review the bills that have been prepared and make informed decisions on the order of bills to be debated in the Assembly. Our MYAs will be concurrently attempting to secure the 200 signatures required for bills to be tabled at the Assembly so expect your nominated MYAs to be approaching you soon! It is also understood that the MYAs and the Chief Minister's Office have come to an understanding where they will sort out some of the possible minor contentions amidst the two parties during this session - so do check back in next week and we'll have all the details waiting!

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