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Seasteading, the Solution to a Possible Waterworld and the New Hype?

Have you watched the movie Waterworld where there are sea communities? Well if you think that they are really a fiction or movie thing then think again. Seasteading or living in the open sea may not be a crazy idea after all. Just recently, the Seasteading Institute which is committed to the ongoing development of ocean communities, announced the winners of their first annual design content. The design consist of futuristic structures of possible seasteading communities. Mind you the contestants from around the world had come up with various unique ideas.

There were various attempts to Seasteading and one of the most successful which even gained its sovereignty is Sealand. Sealand started life as the World War II sea fort HM Fort Roughs. Located six miles off the coast of Suffolk, Sealand was occupied by Roy Bates and his family in 1967. Other attempts to seasteading that have failed are the likes of Freedom Ship, New Utopia and Oceania.

Here are the latest designs submitted to the Seasteading Institute which got the award. By the it could be remembers that last year Milton Friedman's grandson Patri Friedman and his fledgling Seasteading Institute had their first ever conference. Equipped with half a million dollars from PayPal founder Peter Thiel, the Institute wants to eventually build a fixed, independent structure off the coast of San Francisco called Ephemerisle that will function as an anarcho-capitalist utopia.

Now on with the pictures:


The Freedom Ship


Seasteading InstituteBest Picture

Seasteading Institute Best Aesthetics

Seasteading Institute Personality Winner

Seasteading Institute Community Choice

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