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President Obama Concedes August Deadline for Health Care Plan

Obama On Health Care "We're Going To Get This Done"

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided not to seek a Senate vote on health reform before the Congress recess which means the House most likely won’t act either. This action will likely put the votes off until September for Obama's ambitions health care plan. The health care plan which is said to be one of the most comprehensive reform on health care in the last 40 years is put to a test as members of the president's own part shows dissent. Obama later in the week called for a meeting with the centrist Blue Dog Coalition but they emerged after three hours in the speaker’s office without a breakthrough.

The Health Care Plan which according to report puts greater burden on well off states and helps red states is facing stiff bipartisan opposition. The plan will pass into a recess within which lobbyist would then take the time to pull an ad campaign which might in the end make it even harder to pass the bill.

For months, if not years, health care advocates have drawn on lessons of the failed Clinton reform effort to argue for the need to pass a bill quickly. The theory was that, as time goes by, the president can lose political capital, see his poll numbers drop and find the debate mired in arcane turf battles.

Obama Presses Again on Health Care

So what will happen with President Barack Obama's major advocacy on health care? Well, it is not yet ended for the battle has just began.

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