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PIUS Urges All to Join Sept. 22 One Web Day Global Celebration

The Philippine Internet Users Society (PIUS) enjoins all Internet users and all computer-based businesses and establishments to support the Sept 22 “ONE WEB DAY,” the global celebration of the internet.

The First in the Philippines

The One Web Day Jam on September 22 to be held at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Malate, Manila, will the first ever celebration in the Philippines, but the 4th year to be celebrated globally in several other countries led by the U.S., where the New York-based One Web Day non-profit organization is based.

One Web Day was founded in 2006 by Ms. Susan Crawford, who is now an adviser of U.S. Pres. Barack Obama on science, technology, and innovation policy at the National Economic Council.

The entire One Web Day network is proud to pursue the legacy Crawford, and PIUS, in particular, plans to implement her vision thru various programs and projects, says PIUS Chief Executive Officer Michael M. Alunan.

Go for the Next One Billion

PIUS maintains close linkages with OneWebDay Inc. and other organizations, which are supporting the United Nations Internet Governance Forum’s (IGF) target of the next ONE BILLION new Internet Users.

Alunan said “PIUS also supports this advocacy locally. In fact the entire Sept. 22 One Web Day celebration is aimed at highlighting the advocacy that Internet Is for Everyone.“

And because OneWebDay is being organized like a movement, Alunan said commercial establishments, malls, schools, and other public places are encouraged to support the One Web Day celebration, similar to the support for the Earth Day Hour last April 22. Internet shops nationwide will also be encouraged to offer free tutorials to non-users, for an hour or even an entire day, to support the cause as well as to generate new customers for them.

Competitions for a Cause

There will also be pocket-event competitions, namely: the Visual Art Competition, Bloggers Competition, the Cyber Shout Band Competition and the Online Pinoy Entreps Networking (OPEN) E-commerce competition, the awarding ceremonies of which will be done at the Sept. 22 One Web Day Jam celebration in Malate, Manila.

Alunan said “these competitions are aimed at creating the Big Bang celebration or generating the attention and participation of various sectors and individuals to the PIUS advocacy. They are also aimed at generating funds and sponsorships to support the various programs and projects being planned by PIUS.”

He stressed that the Telcos, computer manufacturers, software developers, internet schools, and every stakeholder in the broad ICT sector must contribute their share and support this advocacy. After all, it will eventually redound to their benefit as the mounting advocacy and the reforms PIUS will push will help increase the demand and market for broadband internet services, computers, accessories, software and various auxiliary products and services.

Sum It Up at a Summit

One of the major activities being planned is the holding by early next year of the first ever internet users summit in the Philippines. “It will highlight issues like ethics, costs, computer and internet access, cyber crimes and security problems, safety and the protection of children against violence and pornography over the internet,” Alunan added.

While there will be various issues and side-issues to be tackled, to sum it up, the Summit is all geared mainly towards pursuing the overall goals to push for the next one billion new Internet users.

One of the culminating activities of the proposed PIUS SUMMIT is a Covenant with all participants, advocates, and various political and business personalities to drumbeat the clamor and support for the proposed Magna Carta for Computer and Internet Access.

Alunan announced that PUIS is studying specific plans and programs on how the vision and mission of PIUS can be put to reality, or concretely how to make it possible to bring a computer to every Filipino home.

In the meantime, he called on all internet users and all Filipinos, particularly the youth among the Poor, to email and send over their suggestions and proposals.

By speaking out and sending your ideas, we can unite the sentiments and aspirations of every Filipino and as ONE, we can provide a BIGGER VOICE and make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

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