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Philippines: People’s Primaries Computerized Election System Ready

The People’s Primaries has completed the software and hardware configurations for the District Electoral Voting System or DEVS

The DEVS allows tightly controlled “one-person, one vote” accountability and where voting is conveniently done by SMS by the voter within the voting period designated at anytime, anyplace. Votes are tallied and reconciled at the District level to determine the winner of the District Electoral Vote.

In the DEVS all participants simply register by texting “Reg Name Town Province ” or Reg Name Barangay City and sends it to 09173200022 abd 09189138154 before October 15, 2009.

That information enters the firewall protected People’s Primaries holding database. Then the computers automatically match the name and the district of the registrant with the Official Comelec Voters list for that same district. If there is a match, then that registration is accepted as an additional elector in that District. Once a District achieves 1,000 text-registered electors it gains 1 electoral vote. An additional 10,000 text-registered electors from that District gains another electoral vote. This way, the People’s Primaries DEVS and the Transformative or Non-traditional Presidential Candidates can be assured that there is no uncontrolled voting to manipulate the results.

How does a person jointing the People’s Primaries to select the best Non-traditional Presidential Candidate get their Voter Control Number? They get their number by approaching the People’s Primaries District Coordinator who will be identified and sent to them when they text: Join Name Town Province or Join Name Barangay City to the same cellphone numbers above: 09173200022. The distribution of the Voter Control Numbers will also be done through local cooperatives, microfinance groups, faith-based groups, agrarian reform community coops, parent –teacher associations, student councils, transport associations, residential associations, councils of entrepreneurs, etc.

The People’s Primaries intends to get Nicky Perlas, Among Ed Panlilio, CJ Reynato Puno, Grace Padaca, Pabols Trillana, Bro. Eddie, Ed Ramos, Ed Dorotan, Danny Lim, Alex Lacson, Jesse Rebredo, JC de los Reyes to stand as Non-traditional Presidential Candidates. Candidate information on their advocacies, strategy for transforming the country, character and background of achievements will be available in short video clips, documents and campaign material in the People’s Primaries website: http://subsidiarity movement. net that their own District supporters can download and reproduce and make available for various District Meetings organized by the District Coordinators in the participating Districts all over the country. The Philippines has 219 Districts.

People’s Primaries voting period is set to be conducted between October 15 to 30, 2009 so that in the event no one gets more than 50% of the District Electoral Votes, a run-off from Nov. 7 to 15 will be conducted by the participants using the same Voter Control Number, but now limiting their choice to the top two contenders. May God help the one that wins who will be THE David fighting Goliath when the official campaign period starts in November of 2009.

From: People's Primaries update: Computerized District Electoral SMS-based Voting System Completed by Philip Camara

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