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NASA Moon Landing Original Video Lost and Now Refurbished

When man first landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, everyone was static, of course it was the biggest feat ever to be achieve at that time. Everyone was glued on their television sets as transmission are beamed down from the moon to the Earth. 40 years after NASA revealed that they have lost the videos and they were reused to tape other things. Isn't that silly? Why would they not preserve such a very important achievement? This will only make conspiracy theorist hold on to their claim that there is no real moon landing and all that had happened was just a Hollywood trick. So what happened?

Since it will be the moon landings 40th anniversary, NASA scrambled and even fumbled to explain to the public why the videos are lost and at the same time make ready a refurbished video which will be accomplished by Hollywood technicians.

Refurbished 1969 Moon Landing Video

The $230,000 refurbishing effort is only three weeks into a monthslong project, and only 40 percent of the work has been done. But it does show improvements in four snippets: Armstrong walking down the ladder; Buzz Aldrin following him; the two astronauts reading a plaque they left on the moon; and the planting of the flag on the lunar surface.

Thanks to several photages including one from Australia and then the refurbishing effort of Lowry Digital of Burbank, Calif. the memory will still remain and history is preserved.

But was it really history? Or was it just a make-believe?

We're sure that this speculations will remain, and the challenge is why can't they send another man on the moon nowadays? Any dangers?

Here are the original footage/video of the first moon landing 1969:

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