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Michael Jackson was Murdered!?

This is the interesting theory behind the video above posted on YouTube. Surprisingly many or almost all of those who commented agreed that he was indeed murdered. So who are the suspects? The prime suspect is Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's in-house doctor who administered Propofol on him that day. There were staggering questions like why did he not administer CPR properly? Why did he gave the sedative to Michael Jackson? and Why did he went on hiding?

But he was not alone as the commentors suggested for it was a conspiracy. They say that Sony Music might be behind all of this in order to increase their music sale. Then there is the Beatles Catalog controvercy. In which it was targeted and upon auction will be purchased for $300 Million by the perpetrators behind MJ's death.

"Jack Wishna is one of those who wished Michael Jackson dead...Also he is in support of the conspirators that wanted to possess his Beatles catalogue, upon his death. killing Michael Jackson would not allow him to earn enough to off set his debt...therefore enforcing a sale of his Beatles Catalogue...which would then be purchased by his murderers at a price enough to offset his $300million debt. leaving his kids and dependants little or nothing," one of the visitors revealed and posted on the video.

Other comments indicated that Jackson was murdered because he exposes or knows too much about things and that he is breaking the status quo. Here is another revealing comment.

"I totally agree that MJ was murdered. I remember a few years back he spoke out against the people behind the scenes in the music industry and i know he pissed some ppl in high places off. MJ called Tommy Matola a devil str8 up and i know that didn't help, also he made a song called "Do Me,Jew Me" which pissed them off too. go to the video called "Hip Hop and the occult Hieracrchy" and see who was really pushing MJ. LaToya knows who killed her brother and is talking about it."

So what do you think? Was Michael Jackson really murdered?

If there is one thing we could all ask it is may the truth prevail.

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