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Jeff Knaebel Renounce Citizenship and Proclaims Statelessness

Former United States resident, Jeff Knaebel renounced his citizenship at the Mahatma Gandhi National Monument in a demonstration of non-violent resistance. A resistance that I might say is again being beholden to the state. I am for one a person who does not believe that statelessness can indeed happen where people will be free and will not be a citizenship of any country... nor be totally free from any state. This is sort of an anarchist principle which logically might mean chaos if implemented in the real world. See this Political Activist Video and judge for yourself.

Shredding his passport and placing the pieces upon the monument, Knaebel declared his independence from not only the American government, but all governments, renouncing his birth certificate as well, stating that citizenship must either be voluntary, or be considered forced slavery.

A far fetched activism that seems to be totally senile for Indian police which immediately arrested the person. Although considering he is not violating anything he was immediately set free.

Knaebel and I guess more are advocating for this kind of view of activism but whether they will turn into reality or not is still a thing to be seen.

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