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Happy Birthday Madiba! Celebrating Freedom with Nelson Mandela

All South Africans Proudly celebrate 91 Years of a true Blessing. Their Father of Freedom and the victorious Struggle against hared and indifference. A man who lead the way and made the sacrifice that all South Africans may be finally equal. Happy 91st Birth Nelson Mandela! It is not only South Africans that are celebrating but the whole world in fact for a man that have fought all his life for freedom and equal rights. This same struggle happens all the time, when people break the notion of reality and create a new and better reality... and the truth is miracles do happen.

Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid icon's celebrates his 91st birthday oJuly 18th

From across the globe Nelson Mandela's name echo in eternity. He was also the inspiration of the great Desmond Tutu who had also faced the same apartheid and discrimination in his country.

People need to stand up for what they believe in even if it means being ridiculed or having to sacrifice their own life. This is what Nelson Mandela did in his life. A life of struggle and sacrifice yet it is a life of meaning and full of purpose to his existence.

91 Years Birthday Tribute to Nelson Mandela

In various places around the world, people try to build a better world against the reality that exist. They face indomitable circumstances and great wall of resistance but in the end the will and strength of the people who believes in change triumphs.

For something so valuable and something we believe to be right and worthy of our life then let us be prepared to die and fight for it until the end.

Happy Birthday Madiba!

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