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Gates Arrest Sparks Focus on Racial Profiling

With the recent arrest and release of black Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. the issue on racial profiling had been the talk in the United States. It was found out that black male are incarcerated at roughly seven times the rate of white males. Gates on his release says he's ready to move on from his arrest by a white police officer, hoping to use the encounter to improve fairness in the criminal justice system and saying "in the end, this is not about me at all."

Gates added that he hoped his arrest would lead to a greater understanding about racial profiling in America.

Nationwide Debate Over Gates

"If my experience leads to the lessening of the occurrence of racial profiling, then I would find that enormously gratifying," Gates said on The Root. "Because, in the end, this is not about me at all; it is about the creation of a society in which 'equal justice before law' is a lived reality."

Gates arrest also proved that the land of the free is not at the least completely free from cases of racial discrimination. Despite Barack Obama's election as the first ever black president of the United States, many of the existing discrimination among African-Americans still exist.

Obama on Henry Gates Arrest

Gates was arrested after police responding to a call about "two black males" breaking into a home near Harvard University ended up arresting the man who lives there -- Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation's pre-eminent black scholars with strong literary ties to Cleveland.

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