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Entrecard Acquisition by ZipRunner and the Story Behind It Revealed

July 16, when everyone was greeted with a sudden email from Graham Langdon, the founder of Entrecard informing them that ZipRunner is acquiring Entrecard. This is very sudden considering the current phase of development that Graham and his team is doing to boost the community. His last message before this was on taking action against the bounce rate that Entrecard is causing which is actually obvious. Before that he issues the post, "Entrecard gearing up for phase II" which opens the plans for a revitalized and more exciting community. Then, it all comes to this that it is being sold out to Andrew Te's ZipRunner. Te is a former member of the Board of Entrecard. So what went wrong with Entrecard and Graham?

There are many speculations about what happened. One of the most profound is that Graham cannot repay the $112,000 that he owned to Te. However, if it is an investment should it be repaid or should he just perform well through Entrecard? Unfortunately, and perhaps Entrecard is not doing very well in terms of ads sold and EC sold.

The ability of Entrecard to generate funding was also hampered by the fact that bloggers are protesting against paid ECs. You can see many bloggers who have joined this group by adding "No Paid EC Ads" on their widgets. Well, I am not accepting paid EC ads as well for the reason that I prefer those which pay through EC credits.

Graham virtually created Entrecard and his sudden withdrawal of interest seems so sudden to me. What really happened? Was there an internal struggle and battle of leadership among his team?

I think that there is. There might have been a hostile takeover within Entrecard in which Andrew Te and ZipRunner emerged as the victors. Or the other thing is Graham could have owed one member of the team probably the one remaining after the takeover and then he decided to sell Entrecard to settle the issue and settle their differences.

Also, maybe... Graham is tired of all the wining of the members of Entrecard who complains on everything. It is a free service and still bloggers are complaining. It is generating good traffic and improving their Alexa rank yet bloggers are complaining. in his blog indicated that he had searched for ZipRinner in famous United States Company Directory including and the result is not found. It is also not found in Google Search as a company but rather the results are all about its acquisition of Entrecard. So what is ZipRunner and why is it not lister?

Based on the latest blog post at Enrecard posted by Andrew Te, CEO of ZipRunner, Inc., he informed everyone that ZipRunner is an investment company with many years of experience with Internet companies. Well if they had then why are they not found on the internet? Seems to be weird.

For the whole story on the Entrecard takeover VISIT THE ENTRECARD BLOG.

Now that Entrecard is under new management what do we expect?

We intend to have a smooth transition and will continue to provide essential services such as dropping cards, earning credits and allowing bloggers to network. We believe that these services are what make Entrecard special. In addition, Entrecard will continue to have Richard Clark (phirate), Entrecard’s founding developer, on its management team.

Furthermore, ZipRunner is prepared to take Entrecard to the next level. We have carefully read blog comments and the help desk to gain a better understanding of users’ concerns. We value our Entrecard users and we intend to address your comments and to provide you with the best blogging service possible.

In closing, I would like to reiterate that ZipRunner is looking forward to working with Entrecard users and improving Entrecard services. I only ask that you give us a chance and your patience. Look for great things to follow in the coming weeks, and months.

Andrew Te
ZipRunner Inc.

I hope that they are indeed telling the truth for it not... they will suffer the wrath of bloggers.

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