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Bono to Bush: "Don't Hug Me!" Video

"Bush, don't hug me!" Literaly that's what rock star icon and cause oriented advocate Bono reiterated when he dodges a hugging attempt by former President George W. Bush out of the photo op in 2006 at the National Prayer Breakfast. The former President was on the stage with Bush when the former president tried to hug Bono.

Bono and Bush had disagreements on many issues and not being too kind about it he definitely do not want to get too close to somebody who had made the name of America synonymous to everything that is evil. Although he is with what he seems to be evil, Bono delivered a great speech for the prayer breakfast. (see video of Bono's Bush Prayer Breakfast speech below)

Bono at Bush prayer breakfast

This act earned also the praise of current United States President Barack Obama in his BBC program recently. “There were all kinds of people in the audience,” Bono recalled on Jonathan Ross’ talk show.

Watch how Bono recalls the famous and unforgettable video of Bono and Bush hugging incident below:

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