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Bayan Muna Rep. Colmenares: ARROYO WANTS FICTION BEYOND 2010

Into her ninth year in power, President Gloria Macapagaal-Arroyo desperately tries to picture a world of make believe for the Filipino people. But her fiction is easily negated by realities like worsening poverty and the escalating human rights violations in the country.

Fairy tales have happy endings. In the case of Mrs. Arroyo she wants her story to be never ending.

But the Filipino people shall ensure an end to all her fantasies and the real horrors she has wrought upon us all. In fact, exactly a year from now will be the beginning of a new chapter in our history: the prosecution of a past president for all her crimes against the nation.

Yes, we will not be content with her being out of office. She must account and pay for all her acts that violated the public trust, if indeed she legally earned the right to be in her office in the first place. The evidence against her in cases like the ZTE broadband deal, “Hello Garci” tapes, fertilizer scams – are more than sufficient to send her to jail.

Her SONA not only failed to deny the charges of corruption against her but was actually a litany of admissions called in law as “negative pregnant.” Negative pregnant refers to a denial which implies its affirmative opposite by trying to deny only a qualification of the allegation and not the allegation itself.

For instance, she rebutted charges of corruption by merely pointing to some of her opponents who may be guilty as well. In a court procedure, she would have been legally deemed to have admitted the charges by merely justifying her corruption on the ground that others have also committed it.

She was never categorical in denying her desire to stay in power after her presidential term expires. She not only failed to deny pushing for charter change by giving the same lame retort that those who are now against charter change used to support it when it would have benefitted them.

The fact that her speech was littered with “thank you Congress” so many times shows that she is patronizing the very body that will pave the way for charter change, which appears to be her main vehicle to perpetuate herself in power.

Those who have sins against the people tend to cling to power and engage in repressive acts to achieve this objective. This explains why she never mentioned the human rights situation in the country. After all, those with dictatorial tendencies like her ignore the extrajudicial killings of judges, lawyers, journalists, church people, and political dissenters, among other forms of human rights violations. #

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