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US President Barack Obama Leads Commemoration of D-Day on its 65th Anniversary

President Barack Obama leads the commemoration of the 65th year Anniversary of D-Day under a sunny sky at the American Cemetery on cliffs overlooking Omaha Beach and the rest of the Normandy coastline. He salutes all the soldiers who have laid their lives on the line to make D-Day possible and to finally win the war against Nazi Germany. "The sheer improbability of this victory is part of what makes D-Day so memorable," Obama said.

Here is President Obama's Full Speech at the 65th Anniversary Of The Invasion On D-Day.

It is in fighting for the cause of freedom that made it possible for these brave young men to won a seemingly impossible invasion. Nonetheless, their enemies also believed that what they are doing is also what is right and what is justice for them. In the end only that who can rally the support of the people and truly holds freedom will win.

The D-Day Story, June 6th 1944

A salute to the great people of World War II who had made a great sacrifice for the world and for the cause of freedom.

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